New Patients

We welcome new patients! Thank you for considering us for your chiropractic care.

We welcome new patients! A thorough examination will be conducted to find out if you are a chiropractic candidate.  Xrays will be taken when warranted by symptoms or history.  If we decide to move forward, my adjusting emphasis is on comfort.

Are you concerned about manual adjusting and the joint noise that often accompanies it?  No worries.  We can use the Arthrostim adjusting instrument.  It does a fantastic job and also allows for "position of subluxation" adjustments (something truly unique in the world of Chiropractic).

I adhere to the initial two week rule.  If you follow treatment guidelines and haven't made progress, we discuss the need for ancillary or co-treatment options.  No long, drawn-out treatment plans.  If you have questions or concerns bout starting care, I offer free initial consultations.  Thank you for considering Chiropractic care.

Before our first session, kindly take some time to print & fill out the Chiropractic Registration and History form as well as you can.